Tennessee College of Applied Technology Open House

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Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Dickson & Clarksville Campuses will host an open house from 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m. on Saturday, March 28, for area adults to sign up for the Tennessee Reconnect grant, a new program that allows Tennesseans to attend a technical college tuition free.

The event is designed to encourage adults to enroll in The Tennessee Reconnect program, Governor Haslam’s initiative to provide eligible adults the opportunity to earn a diploma or certificate credential at a Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) free of tuition and mandatory fees. Tennessee Reconnect is part of the Drive to 55, an initiative focused on increasing the number of Tennesseans with a college degree or technical certificate credential.

The TN Reconnect Grant is a last-dollar scholarship, meaning it will cover the remaining costs of tuition and mandatory fees for a TCAT program after other state and federal financial aid has been applied.

James D. King, Vice Chancellor for the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology, states, “We look forward to potential students visiting our 27 campuses to learn more about how technical education can change their lives and provide a successful future through a variety of high skilled and high wage programs such as Advanced Manufacturing, Welding Technology, Computer Information Technology and Practical Nursing.”

During Scholarship Saturday, adults may come to TCAT Dickson at 740 Highway 46S, Dickson, TN or TCAT Dickson’s Clarksville Campus at 135 International Blvd., Clarksville, TN between the hours of 10:00a.m – 2:00p.m. to tour the campus, learn more about available training programs, and use the college’s computers to sign up online. Free doughnuts at 10:00a.m and pizza at noon will also be on hand for anyone signing up.

“Tennessee Reconnect is such an incredible opportunity for adults to gain critical skills and enter the workforce,” said Dr. Arrita Summers, TCAT Dickson & Clarksville Campuses Director. “Scholarship Saturday is an opportunity to come see firsthand the opportunities we offer at TCAT – Dickson and take the first step towards admission.”

Drive to 55 Executive Director Mike Krause said he hoped many Tennessee adults would attend the event nearest them. “Now, more than ever, Tennessee needs a workforce that is educated and trained for the 21st century workforce,” Krause said. “Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology offer an incredible chance for an adult to gain a new skill, become workforce-ready, and learn real-world skills from skilled faculty.”

About TCAT – Dickson & Clarksville Campus
For more information contact Sarah Durham, Student Services Coordinator
740 Highway 46S, Dickson, TN 37055
135 International Blvd., Clarksville, TN 37040

Be Aware of Career Clarksville Burglary Suspect

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Folder ExportFrom 1985 to the present day, Michael Birdwell (a 46-year-old Clarksville resident) has made property crimes his career. The most popular property crimes consist of crimes such as; Burglary, Vandalism, Vehicle Burglary, Shoplifting, and Theft of Property. Birdwell has been guilty of all the above-mentioned crimes, along with additional criminal acts. When looking at Birdwell’s criminal background, burglary charges appear to be the most prevalent.

Birdwell’s Criminal Background:

In the 1980’s, Michael Birdwell was arrested for Shoplifting, Burglary, Vandalism, Malicious Mischief, Larceny from Auto, and Violation of Probation. He served little time until he violated his probation and then he served time in the County Jail.
In the 1990’s, Birdwell was arrested for Theft of Property, Criminal Trespass, Aggravated Burglary, Burglary, Contempt, Violation of Probation, and Violation of Parole. He was sent to the State Penitentiary in 1990 and served nearly four years. He was out for a short time and returned multiple times for brief periods.
In the early 2000’s, Birdwell was arrested for Burglaries, Theft of Property, Drugs-Simple Possession, UDP, Aggravated Assault, Unlawfully Carrying a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Assault, Violation of Order of Protection, Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism, Worthless Checks, Violation of Probation, and Traffic charges. He was in and out of prison periodically.
On August 31, 2010, Birdwell was charged with three Counts of Criminal Attempt, Possession of Burglary Tools, Violation of Probation, and Traffic (DOSL). He was sentenced to serve 180 days on the three Counts of Criminal Attempt and the other charges were dismissed.
On February 10, 2011, Birdwell was arrested again for Burglary. It was reduced to Criminal Trespass. He was also arrested for Vehicle Burglary and released to Probation on 12/13/11.
On January 26, 2012 and June 14, 2012, Birdwell was arrested for Violation of Probation. He was released on his own recognizance on both charges.
On July 4, 2012, Birdwell was arrested for Burglary of a Business. He was found guilty and was released on 12/12/13 to Probation.
On April 4, 2014, Birdwell was arrested for Domestic Assault and Violation of Probation. He got Time Served and was released to Probation on 10/27/14.
On March 21, 2015, Birdwell was arrested for four Counts of Burglary and Tampering with a Tracking Device. He is currently in jail.

Public Be Aware:

In the event that Michael Birdwell is released, due to his past criminal history, the Clarksville Police Department would like for its Clarksville residents to be able to recognize him in order to keep property secure and to help prevent any other criminal acts. Please, call 911 if Birdwell is seen lurking around businesses or residential areas, especially in the evening hours. He is currently responsible for multiple counts of “Burglary of a Business” incidents.

Photos of Michael Birdwell are provided…

Special thanks to Jan Morrison and the CPD Intel Unit for providing criminal history information and photos for this release.

Officer Natalie Hall (Public Information Officer)
Clarksville Police Department
135 Commerce Street
Clarksville, TN 37040
O: (931) 648-0656 ext 5245
M: (931) 320-3741

Shots Fired on Carpenter St

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Victims Identified & Suspect Information

On 3-23-15 at approximately 9:00 pm, Clarksville Police Officers responded to a report of a shooting in the 900 block of Carpenter St. A group of individuals were having a cook-out at a residence when they came under gunfire from individuals driving a white Kia Soul. Five individuals sustained gunshot wounds. They have been identified as 31 year old Timothy Russell, 23 year old DajuanDowlen, 28 year old Tony Greene Jr., 27 year old Quinton Fentress, and 27 year old Vincent Pardue. Timothy Russell and Dajuan Dowlen were transported to Gateway Regional Medical Center for treatment. Tony Greene Jr. and Quinton Fentress were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment. Vincent Pardue died as a result of his injuries. The white Kia Soul seen leaving the area is believed to be bearing Tennessee Tag R0393D and was occupied by three black males. This is an ongoing investigation and the Clarksville Police Department urges anyone with information about this case or the location of the vehicle to contact Det. Michael Ulrey at 931-648-0656 ext. 5483 or the TIPS line at 931-645-TIPS (8477).

Officer Natalie Hall (Public Information Officer)
Clarksville Police Department
135 Commerce Street
Clarksville, TN 37040
O: (931) 648-0656 ext 5245
M: (931) 320-3741

Public Assistance Request: Shots Fired

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On 03/21/2015 at 3:42p, the Clarksville Police Department responded to a shots fired call in the area of Peabody Dr and Northridge Dr. Officers observed bullet casings, bullet fragments, and broken glass. Several witnesses observed suspects and vehicles fleeing the area. A witness stated someone had been shot but was no longer on the scene. The shot victim’s injury appeared to be non-life threatening. There is no suspect or victim information at this time. If anyone has any information related to this incident, please call Detective Joe Shrum at 931-645-0656 Ext. 5391 or the CrimeStoppers TIPS Hotline at 931-645-TIPS (8477).

There is no further information at this time.

Recreation Report

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Book Signing
Local authors Minoa D. Uffelman, Ellen Kanervo, Eleanor Williams and Phyllis Smith will be signing copies of their book, “The Diary of Nannie Haskins” at the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center; along with Carolyn Ferrell, author of “Franklin House.” These books showcase unique views into Clarksville’s history!

The book signing will take place on March 28 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Don’t have your own copy? Not a problem! Copies of both books will be available for purchase at the Interpretive Center.
Wettest Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 28, thousands of colored eggs will be floating or sunk in the Indoor Aquatic Center’s pools, each redeemable for candy and prizes at the 4th annual Wettest Egg Hunt! An adaptive egg hunt will be offered for children and adults with special needs at 11 a.m. with the remaining hunts for children ages 1 to 11 following from 1 to 7 p.m. Official hunt times can be found by visiting www.cityofclarksville.com/wettestegghunt.
An exciting variety of prizes will be up for grabs at this year’s Wettest Egg Hunt, including Easter baskets, a hockey puck signed by the Nashville Predators’ Mike Fisher, and even a bike!

Pre-registration is required and available online. Cost to participate is $3 per participant.

Get your blood pumping and dance those calories away with Zumba at the Burt-Cobb Center! Zumba is a fitness routine that feels more like a party. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the center, located at 1101 Franklin Street, and cost just $3 with a community center ID card!

Swim Lessons
The Indoor Aquatic Center is approaching the last session of indoor swim lessons before the summer season begins. Lessons will be held April 2-12 at the Indoor Aquatic Center for a cost of $15 with a pool pass or $35 without a pass. A wide variety of swim lessons are available including Mommy/Daddy & Me, Preschool, Levels 1-6, Adult Lessons, Homeschool Lessons, and even Private Lessons!
To register, visit recpro.cityofclarksville.com and select Instructional Classes, Lessons, & Camps from the left-hand navigation list. From there you can select the swim lesson session that best fits your needs and schedule. It’s that simple!
Lifeguard Swim Camp
Parks & Recreation is currently hiring summer lifeguards! Any candidates, ages 15 and up, who are interested in applying but may be a little leery of the swim test portion of the hiring process are invited to attend the first-ever Lifeguard Swim Camp.

This week long camp is designed to help prepare lifeguard applicants to take and pass the swim test and continue on to the lifeguard certification course. This camp will be held at the Indoor Aquatic Center, March 30 through April 3 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. each night. Candidates must attend each night of the camp. Lifeguard Swim Camp is a free opportunity to train to become a lifeguard!

Another “Victim” thoughts

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SHARP“You’re strong and will make it through this!” That’s just one of the many “comforting” things that are said when you have a moment of weakness that they can visually see. While it sounds good even great from the person whom said it please understand that the person receiving it doesn’t think the same; and if they did the question that follows is “why do I have to be strong for someone else’s weakness.” You are right I am strong in my OWN battles and regardless of what anyone thinks there is a HUGE difference of fighting a battle and FEELING alone and then fighting a battle and BEING alone.

Although the details aren’t as detailed as they were before in my head July 02 2014 has forever changed my life; for the good, bad and worst. To go to sleep and have a nightmare here and there does one thing, to be afraid to fall asleep already knowing what your brain is going to play and constantly reminding you had no control then and no control even when your sleeping is a demon bigger than the rapist himself.

I shouldn’t have to coach myself how to make it through a day, if I wake up in the middle of the night what I am going to do to go back to sleep? Nor should I have a staring contest with the MULTIPLE pills that I have been prescribed to help me sleep, eat, balance the day, stop the tears and control my emotions. REALLY numb my thoughts and feelings, sit on a couch and talk my problems out for an hour and you know what happens when that hour is over, I walk out the office with the rape on my mind FULL FORCE for not only the rest of the day but the next day and even the day after that. So I sit back and reflect on the “you’re strong and will make it through this!” So you don t take the pills that were prescribed for several reasons you remember that you didn’t need them before why do you need them now. Crazy thing is they don’t throw the whole “strong tactic” method at you their thing is “it’s not long term” (referring to the medications) well how the hell do they know that for no one knows an expiration date on when a person (myself) is “strong” enough to battle a demon as big as this. But on the other hand I get so weak that the only way to at least pick my head up out of the sand is to take the medications, of course this is if I was even able to get the medications.

Everyone story is different which could be a good thing if the right team and people are in place to help from START to FINISH and even a FOLLOW UP. But when the people who are “suppose” to be your voice when you can’t speak can’t back you up does your “coming fourth” even matter. This is where my true reflection comes into play. Understanding that originally I had no intentions of reporting my assault/rape for several reasons but more so because I’ve seen the underlying of what the “victim” faces at certain circumstances but also what difference does it make? As I sat on the hospital bed (ER) and listen to CID assure me that everything would be okay, there were going to be there EVERY step of the way, explaining to me that military receives sexually harassment training more now than ever before (clearly you make these kinds of changes because it was an issue) and these are the soldiers that they don’t want to represent the military and blah blah blah it was a good seller is what I told them, but honesty would be a much better approach. Sign number one this was a bad route, when the Clarksville Police Department was called out and they didn’t walk in the room to talk to me because it happen on “federal grounds” (this message was passed on through my nurse, who was amazing by the way) was like wow I’m not even owed that. (I think that falls under the term Respect) Secondly the doctor that they sent to do my “rape kit” was a male REALLY!! Not only a male but extremely rude what happen to compassion? I didn’t want nor have any intention to listening to anyone else at this point.

I’ve never realized that a person can feel dirty so dirty actually regardless the number of showers taken. That a person body can stop actual tears from falling because you literally run out of them (well actually I did know that) but when your body still cries with no tears hurts even more. I stayed in my bed 46 days straight not a worry in the world other than, what/who was that shadow I seen standing over me, did I have enough juice and were all my pill bottles in hands reach? I responded to some text messages here and there and even brought the courage up to answer some calls at this point I perfected the art of lying even to my mother and more so my kids.

46 days same routine, two sometimes three showers a day, crying and screaming, crying some more asking yourself why, beating yourself up because you could’ve done this or you should’ve done this but it doesn’t make a difference now. Staring at the pill bottle thinking well if I take all of these and some of these THIS could happen. I have lost this battle twice, and ended in a hospital stay and walked out even though that wasn’t the plan. Or taking your sleeping pills but your demon (thoughts) are over riding your medications so you take some more and then some more and then you realize you finally fell asleep and it’s almost 24 hrs later. No worries though all I needed was a shower. I remember finally moving from my bedroom to my living room not much difference, but I kept hearing noises I then question what/who was it I was hearing and instead of being unprepared of something else happening to me, I would be waiting on it. This is a feeling I am still very close with and with my run in interactions with the “alleged” doesn’t bring my anxiety down any at all, which by the way stands at 11 panic attacks a day.

Do you know how CRAZY it sounds when you’re your trying to get help rather it be for a light bill, car note or even your rent and no one is able to help you and I mean NO ONE. “Are you the spouse of the alleged” “are you a dependent of the military” NO!! Oh well we can’t help you. But let me give you these agencies and they should be able to help you. You take the time to explain your story the 378th time of course your emotions are everywhere and once again your upset not only because someone doesn’t want to help you, because the more you tell the story , the more it becomes alive again. But my favorite excuse (because this is exactly what they are) is well you LIVE in TN so the KY side can’t help and the KY side can’t help because you live in TN. The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. We share the same damn road SERIOUSLY. Okay well let me fold back to the root (military) I have talked to over 30 maybe 40 people countless emails back and forth, phone calls and letters that I have taken the time to write and explain and the end result is “sorry you’re a civilian there isn’t anything that can be done. But the military is so HONORABLE that something “traumatic ” happens and because I don’t get dressed and wear the same “uniform” as you counts me out of being a “victim” but more so human.

I am 27 years old, I have two children who I adore very much so. I have a daughter who is 7 and my son who is 6. I worked FULL TIME I mean 70/80 hrs a week and also went to school FULL TIME and was suppose to graduate December 2014. I had a 2 bedroom townhouse, my car (which has a car payment) some personal loans (helped me with school) and friends interactions. I was a mentor to kids. My words are my personality that is who I am a talker. You wanted to laugh that was me, I can’t take anything serious. (Now everything is serious) You had a bad day let me tell you how something in my life made no sense shows that after all your problems aren’t as bad as they seemed when you told me the story. Advocates? Now to an average person who has a JOB and is there because they look forward to a paycheck this ALL of this means NOTHING. It not like customer service was bad a McDonalds you can leave and go to Burger King. These people are suppose and I use SUPPOSE very lightly are suppose to be your outlet, or advocates. When I can’t talk the ADVOCATES are suppose to speak FOR me. If you have meetings which most if not all departments, businesses come together and sit down and talk about, successful routes, failed routes and most important WORK AROUNDS. What is the point of sprucing up Sexual Assault Awareness when the advocates aren’t even fulfilling the NEEDS for the current cases that are on pending a court date or even have had one.

In a 7 month time frame I have managed to lose my job, my kids, 2 homes, and countless emails on repossessions of my vehicle. I slept in my most recent (last townhouse) for almost a month with no lights. December 27th was the cutoff date. I have slept in my car, running so I can keep the heat, but that was basically no sleep because I was in a Wal-Mart parking lot and I was more worried of someone approaching me then sleeping and was dropped from school in November a MONTH before graduation that was the ONE and ONLY thing he didn’t have and he took that too. With my income tax money I had intentions of moving and just starting fresh there was nothing no one could tell me this was the plan and I was sticking to it. But of course like everything else I was on the bottom of the barrel and couldn’t get a place because I have two evictions on my credit due to not getting help BUT the constant reminder of if you were an dependent or spouse this along with everything else is your issue, BUT we can bring this up in court. Let me just go ahead and throw the icing on this cupcake, my “alleged” has not and will not encounter any of this. He still gets up and goes to work, comes to his room with cable, lights, water, sure he is current on his car payment and still getting his twice a month check. Let’s just say it all turns in my favor he will STILL get lights, water, and a place to sleep etc, so he will NEVER have to go through what I did go through and what I am going through. Can you see the domino effect here I can NEVER WIN. I am forced to cope and understand this person I was forced to become because the “original” me was taken away. That right there is a HARD reality to face. That is just one of the countless battles I encounter on a daily basis.

I respect what the military does, I really do, it takes courage to get out there and do some of the things that are brought in the forefront of them on a daily basis. But I also view THIS base in a completely different manner, something’s are out of a person control but if you are there because you are passionate about it the outcome could heck it would be so much greater. If every time you turn around there is a constant reminder of the original incident there is no way a person can heal. One of the many statements that I have made and will ALWAYS standby is “I was better off getting raped on the TN side” I would never retract that statement ever. I was extremely lucky to have contact with my sexual assault coordinator.(Tonika Rizer) It’s nothing but a phone call away for her to answer so I can vent, try to get help BUT what is sad is that she is my LAST resort and every conversation starts with “Not that yall are going to do anything but figure I at least try” and although the result is always the same NOTHING it’s a little comforting to know that someone else attempted what I have been trying to get done but more IMPORTANTLY see what I am going through and why I am so frustrated.

Anger, Hurt, Frustrated, Pissed, Filth, another case number is just a few of the emotions I feel about this COMPLETE process and not ONLY has a soldier assaulted/raped me but so has the military, should I have expected anything less from the soldier? I wasn’t raped once it was and has been several times with some more to still come, so understand that it’s even more belittling to know that advocates take MORE pride and TIME in sitting in a room coordinating a motorcycle ride with a color bandana, than reading, researching and following up on a email for/from a “victim”. The wrong information is being placed in the media you want to brighten up Sexual Assault Awareness TALK to the victims and LOOK IN THE MIRROR. It’s apparent a lot if not most is NOT aware of the CURRENT issues that stand which are HUGE issues. If nothing I have said this whole time has struck a nerve, made you think twice, or even run across your mind that I am making some/a lot of sense. Think of awareness from this angle. “What if all the” CIVILIANS victims” started talking, is that the kind of AWARENESS you want to gain”?

Now to properly introduce myself my name is Dorlisha White and I have unfortunately became a part of what seems like a unsolvable maze, I am hoping me sharing some light on several issues and run ins could hopefully convenience you to take your tactics in another form. But unlike you guys have left me to fight this alone; I am not leaving you alone on this one. I will use the little and all the strength I have regained to make ALL of my issues I have encountered to save another civilian (because we are human as well) of the repeating thought of being raped, not just a local Fort Campbell fix I want and WILL have this fixed across the world. This (me) will make it to Congress.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you need to please reach out to me on my cell 931-980-9814

Dorlisha White

Parks & Recreation Report

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Winter Gym is coming to a Close
The 2014-15 season of the Winter Gym program comes to a close on March 19, but there is still time to squeeze in a few more sessions of fun! Winter Gym provides free, open gym time to the public at Byrns Darden Elementary School’s gymnasium every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6 to 9 p.m.
Pre-registration is not required for Winter Gym participation, but we do request that children 13-years-old or younger be accompanied by an adult.

Adult Softball Leagues
Adult Softball Coaches’ packets will be available for pickup at 102 Public Square on Tuesday, March 17. The excitement begins as the Spring Season kicks off March 22!

Youth Archery at the Crow Center
Registration is underway for Youth Archery. Youth Archery is open to ages 9-13 and costs just $10 for the four-week session. Classes will be held at 4 p.m. every Friday, beginning April 3, at the Crow Center. A Community Center ID is required to participate and can be purchased at the Parks & Recreation Main Office or at any of our three Community Centers.

Martial Arts
Did you know that the Crow Center offers Martial Arts for ages 3-years-old to adult classes? They do! Classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at the Center and can be purchased in monthly packages. Class packages for individuals are $70 a month, $100 a month for groups of two, $125 a month for groups of three, or $135 a month for groups of four. To take part in Martial Arts, please call the Crow Center at (931) 647-3071.
It is time to register for the Queen City Road Race, presented by Cumberland Bank & Trust! The 37th annual event will take place May 2 and includes a 5K, 7K, and One Mile events, but registration is underway right now.

Registration for the Queen City Road Race is simple. Those registering in the 7K and the 5K may do so online or in person. Online registration can be completed by visiting www.cityofclarksville.com/qcrr. Register now through April 17 to receive the “early bird” rate of only $20 for the 5K and 7K events. After that date, you may register through race day, but the cost will be $25. Cost to participate in the One Mile Movement is $5. Race registration includes a moisture-wicking race t-shirt for the first 1900 registrants.

Get in shape at the Kleeman Center
Skip the gimmicks or fad diets and go for Just Ordinary Exercise this spring and summer! Our Instructor, Coach Hart, can help you reach your individual fitness goal with the J.O.E. program at the Kleeman Center. To ensure you get the proper attention, class space is limited to the first 20 participants so be sure to register soon.

Classes begin April 27 and are held Monday through Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. The cost for the nine-week session is $65 with a Community Center ID.

Indoor Aquatic Center’s March Homeschool Swim Day is coming soon!

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The City of Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department’s new event for homeschooled children at the Indoor Aquatic Center, located at 166 Cunningham Lane, is typically held on the second Wednesday of each month. However, due to CMCSS Spring Break, the March edition of Homeschool Swim Days will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, March 18.

Homeschool Swim Days offers swimming, refreshments, and access to the Wibit inflatables. Cost to attend is $3 per person, including adults.

For more details on Homeschool Swim Days, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation at 931-645-7476 or visit www.cityofclarksville.com.

About the Indoor Aquatic Center:

The Indoor Aquatic Center is the only public, indoor pool in the city of Clarksville. The Indoor Aquatic Center offers swim lessons, water fitness classes, lap swim, and open swimming from October through May each year.

For more details on The Indoor Aquatic Center, please contact the facility at 931-552-6199 or visit www.cityofclarksville.com.

Aggravated Assault on Chapel St

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Early this morning 03/10/2015 at 12:11a, the Clarksville Police Department responded to an Aggravated Assault at the 100 block of Chapel St. The victim stated while having a conversation with his friend Tommie McCullum, he and Mr. McCullum got into an argument. The victim advised the argument turned physical in the living room, and that is when Mr. McCullum pulled out a small pocket knife from his pocket and started stabbing the victim. Before CPD Officers arrived, Mr. McCullum fled the scene on foot. A CPD K-9 Unit and other CPD Officers ran a track but were unable to locate Mr. McCullum. The victim advised that Mr. McCullum still had the knife in his possession when he fled from the scene. The victim was transported by EMS to Gateway Medical Center and then to Vanderbilt Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. A warrant was secured for Tommie McCullum with the charge of Aggravated Assault and a BOLO for an attempt to locate Mr. McCullum was issued through NCIC. If anyone can locate Tommie McCullum, please call the CrimeStoppers TIPS Hotline at 931-645-TIPS (8477).

Summer Workers Needed- Now Hiring Lifeguards & Cashiers!

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In need of a summer job? The Clarksville Parks & Recreation Department is now hiring for part-time lifeguards and cashiers.

To become a lifeguard, participants must be at least 15 years of age and able to swim 300 yards continuously, tread water for two minutes without the use of arms or hands and successfully complete a timed event within 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Not certified as a lifeguard but still want to apply? That’s fine! The Parks & Recreation Department will host a lifeguard certification class for lifeguard candidates. The cost for the class is $60.00 plus $33 for the resource book. Classes are going on now so apply soon to reserve your spot!

Pool Cashiers and Concession Cashiers must be at least 18 years of age and know basic math and computer skills.
Applicants may apply online at www.cityofclarksville.com or in person at the Parks & Recreation Main Office, located at 102 Public Square, or at the Indoor Aquatic Center, located at 166 Cunningham Lane.

For more details on lifeguarding or cashiering, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation at 931-645-7476 or call the Indoor Aquatic Center at 931-472-3380.

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